Five Fast Prototyping Tools That Make Your Design More Efficient

Prototype is a kind of framework design before your products get launched.It is as important as the design paper of an architect. Designers can use it to directly show styles and structures of the product and demonstrate the relations of main function boards, pages and components through these fast prototyping tools. An efficient prototyping tool can not only realize high efficiency of designers, but also create different kinds of prototypes for different target users.


Axure, the flagship product of Axure Software Solution Company, is an professional prototyping design tool. It ensures the designers who are in charge of positioning needs of users, standard, design functions and interface to rapidly create prototype, wireframes, flow diagrams, and specification documents of APPs and Websites. It is fully functional and convenient for your team to work together and interact your ideas better. However, many users always complain its complex and invisible interactive design. So, in my opinion, if you are a professional designer that needs to make some complex interactive design, Axure might be a good choice.


Mockplus is a kind of rapid prototyping tool that can be easily learned by new product manager. The design theory of this tool is that they care about the design, not the tool. If your time is limited, then you can’t miss this tool, because you can only spend half an hour understanding how to use it. By the way, the interactive design of this tool is also a spotlight.You just need to move your mouse, the interactive design would be finished easily without complex data and programming. So, it’s an excellent prototyping tool for new designer.


Invision is a kind of interactive design tool. It helps to better cooperation among teammates and more feedback from your users. It can convert your static pictures of website or mobile app to dynamic prototype with interactive design. Finally,your design would become lively.

Balsamiq Mockups

It is one of fast prototyping design tools, launched by Balsamiq Studio in California.It can seize the core and balance of prototyping design-it can not only design sketch,but also enter the flows and tools your team. It has numerous forms and beautiful design, and it also supports HTML prototyping pictures. This professional prototyping tool is also very popular. However, there is no interactive function when designing prototype.

UX Pin

UX Pin is an online prototyping design tool.You can make your prototype by dragging the elements without making code.By using UX Pin,you are able to make a high fidelity prototype.What’s more, it also supports to import you design from Sketch and Photoshop. UX Pin is very popular among public which provides a series of practical design elements and patterns.


This 5 fast prototyping tools above all have their strength and limitation, but they are actually the most efficient prototyping tools comparing to others at present. Although we can’t deny the convenience they’ve brought to us, we must recognize the key point is how to find the appropriate one.


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