5 UX Leadership Requirements To Make A Great UX Leader

UX leadership, though not an entirely new one, definitely goes viral in plenty industries. Since Steve Jobs pioneered in leading product design as the CEO, UX leader came into being. And since then it grows into an inevitability to meet the rapid-changing organizational transformation and corporate culture. This change and the following challenges require beyond excellent design skills. Whether you are in or out UX industry, if you are long for success, a leader is necessary. In this article, I am trying to specify 5 fundamental requirements.
A note first: no kind of leadership is inborn. Those who wanted to be an UX leader, just try real hard to meet the requirements and you’ll find a path to reach it.
1. Be well hired and hire well
Why I put being hired well so prior? You might have been through a bitter struggle with the product Management to fully understand and support your design product. In spite of time and energy, you design something big and great finally. However, the hard…

16 Best Examples of Portfolio Design Websites That Bring You Inspiration

How to level up your web design portfolio? How to display works, ideas, inspirations on an amazing medium just properly? These are the questions all designers should think about. Nowadays, portfolio design websites are undertaking the leading role to do this job. Designers need to put energy in this field. The following 16 best portfolio design websites I brought up here are some great examples.
1. Seymour Powel
They are a multidisciplinary group of design researchers, strategists, brand experts, product, UX, UI designers and makers. Their track record of imagining and then creating award winning designs and world-first innovations stretches back over 30 years. It’ll help you innovate, creating strategies and products that take you somewhere different from the competition by delivering unexpected but relevant solutions for the future.
2. Mockplus Demo Portfolio
This portfolio design websites contain plenty prototyping Demo Projects, including Gogobot, Noodler, Cardle,Taskade. Bon App…

Guidance to Change from Graphic Designer to UX Designer

I guess this title is more appealing to those who is now a graphic designer and have been struggling a bit on the career changing issue. My first suggestion: Do not push yourself too hard. Actually, almost every graphic designer has been through this. Be patient with the following guidence if you were really serious about changing your career from a graphic designer to UX designer. I’ll explain everything it has involved in.
1. Examine motivation - why should you change from a graphic designer to UX designer?

First, it depends on your interest and ability. You feel like UX design more and got the essential concepts and skills. Second, it was made in your long-term career plan. You want to dig into the vast design world rather than limited in performance of typography, fonts and colors. Third, salary appealing. It’s true that the average payment for a graphic designer is lower than a UX designer. But do remember that salary is highly with seniority and responsibility. Last, forced by …

Usability First -- Why Usability Design Matters to UI/UX Designers

Usability design is to improve the usability of a product, which is an important part to guide the actual design. It can also be regarded as an "user-centered design”. Thus, It includes two important parts, namely, usability testing that is based on the target users psychological research (user model, user needs, the use of processes, etc.) . The other is to combine the Cognitive Psychology, Ergonomics, Industry Psychology and other disciplines of basic principles are agilely used in the design behavior.
Here are Jakob Nielsen’s 10 principles:

1. What is usability? Usability is a measure about a product that been used in a specific scenario by specific users, which can achieve the special goal in a satisfied and effective degree. First, usability is not only related to the interface design, but also involved in the technical level of the entire system. Second, usability is reflected by human factors, and evaluated by operating a variety of tasks. Third, usability is to describe …

Five Major Points of Agile UX Design Process You Should Know

The speed of internet product development is faster than ever, requirements of the products are constantly upgrading, which has directly led to the increasing importance of user experience design. Meanwhile, lengthy design and development model have been unable to meet the needs of fast iterationAgile Manifesto gives designers and developers more requirements and guidelines, but many designers unsure about what the agile UX design process is? This article will explain the five major points in the agile user experience design.
Step 1. Flat team
To analyze the agile UX design process, you must start with their team first. Agile UX design team is basically flat management team, the reason is very simple.
First, the command is communicated directly. Compared to layers of convection, direct orders can be more accurate and more effective, because transmission will somehow change the original meaning. The meaning of design is to convey the idea of expressing the designer with the people. …

Top Skills That Master of Interaction Design Should Have

Interaction design is highly valued as a part of user experience design. Some universities set the master of interaction design as a degree. Each school has a different course of study, but there are several essential courses that every one of them are teaching. It's not easy to get a degree of interaction design. Here, I will introduce you the skills that we need to learn.

1. Creative thinking

For any kind of designers, creative thinking is essential, especially for the master of interaction design. Interactive design ideas may not be as intuitive as the interface design, but each creative interactive design will powerfully upgrade the quality of product.

Design thinking and creativity is a very good book, and some schools also use this book as a textbook, really worth learning. This book is a representative design work in modern design art as the research object, from the aspects of association, reverse, bionic, integration and so on, systematically …

5 Traits to Prove You Are an Excellent Interaction Designer

Interaction designer has become one of the most popular occupations in recent years, and they are specializing in website design, App design, and other designs that require human-computer interaction. Interaction design is a major part of the UX design, there must be some differences between interaction and UX design, but they can’t be separated.
There are a lot of designers wanting to enter this field, but it’s hard to become an outstanding interaction designer now. Here comes five required skills and abilities that young designers must know in 2017.
1. Know about the basic knowledgeInteraction design, an interaction process between user and product, makes sure that users can gain a good user experience in this kind of process. What’s more, interaction design is an important part of UX design, and successful interaction design is to create a good user experience with the designer’s communication techniques and design principles. We all know that product managers have to think about …