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Where Is My MVP?

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome the MVP of NBA 16-2017 Season:...

Wait a minute, it seems to be something wrong. Because, the MVP here I want to talk about is not the Most Valuable Player at all. It is the Minimum Valid Product.

So, what is a Minimum Valid Product? Here are some main features of it:

1. It has the core characteristics of the product.

Minimum Valid Product always has the core characteristics of the product. It provides and only provides the core function. But, why? Here we need to clear the question about the necessity of the Minimum Valid Product.

The human mind is powerful and unconstrained, hence, sometimes it can be not so reliable. When your customer or designer throws a weird plan to you, but unfortunately you cannot convince them, you would need a minimum viable product. Developers will provide a product which only has core functions - Minimum Valid Product - to some target users, and then gather feedback from them to confirm if the product vision is realistic. And…

Do We Still Need Paper?

Paper seems to be less important than it was before, especially when it comes to high tech area. But, are you sure about this? Let' watch an interesting video first.

That guy shows off his hi-tech device again and again, finally, is taught by his wife how to stop.

It is just a commercial video, but somehow it tells something. In the software development, we really don't need the paper anymore?

Of course, we do need paper. Why?

First, fast speed.

It's easy for almost everyone to draw a prototype on paper. If you spend the same time, you would find a conclusion. In terms of volume of how many prototypes you can make, Axure < Justinmind < Mockplus < Paper prototyping. When you are going to draw with paper and pen, you don't even need to learn, just draw your prototype without any limitation of computer hardware.

Revising and rebuilding a paper prototype are also super easy. In the other article, I have said that in the designing process, demonstration -> discu…

Are You A Designer? -Marketing Designer

We have introduced the basic works of design researcher in the last article. In fact, designers are not always behind the curtain. Even in the software design, there are some designers needing to stand in the front, to contact with the customers.

Marketing designer is a relatively new concept. However, before it was put forward, many people have been engaged in this job. As a combination of design and marketing, marketing designers not only need to have a great understand of marketing, but also have a strong design capability.

Design and product works including: users training, product design, related product documentations, etc.

Marketing designers are still designers. This is the basic nature of them. But they are different, because their works are more flexible. They design customized products based on customers needs. So, this is a comprehensivelly testing for the designers. They have to design intheractions and user-interface depending on customers needs. I believe that there'…

Are You A Designer? - Designe Researcher

We always someone say that "I'm a designer." So, you think designers are just designing? Man, things are not that simple. Please allow me to unveal the jobs of designers. Let's start with the beginning of design.

Design researcher.

Designs are made for needs, but, what do the users need? If you want to know that, you have to do a design research. How to do a qualified user research?

User research refers to a variety of ways to get the respondents' suggestions and opinions. The purpose is to provide the related data base for next step of product design. User research can be divided into two kinds based on the contents of the survey, One is product survey: the the investigation and analysis on target users and the competitive products, this is used for determining the direction of design and verify the current point of view. The second is a research of user experience: this often happens in the product testing and post-release process.

If you want to complete a qua…