Are You A Designer? -Marketing Designer

We have introduced the basic works of design researcher in the last article. In fact, designers are not always behind the curtain. Even in the software design, there are some designers needing to stand in the front, to contact with the customers.

Marketing designer is a relatively new concept. However, before it was put forward, many people have been engaged in this job. As a combination of design and marketing, marketing designers not only need to have a great understand of marketing, but also have a strong design capability.

Design and product works including: users training, product design, related product documentations, etc.

Marketing designers are still designers. This is the basic nature of them. But they are different, because their works are more flexible. They design customized products based on customers needs. So, this is a comprehensivelly testing for the designers. They have to design intheractions and user-interface depending on customers needs. I believe that there's no one understanding the product more the the designer. This is also why designers are the best choices for writing related product documentations and tutorials. And, they are responsible for training customers. This part of the work requires the designers have more patience and communication skills.

While facing a variety of needs and problems that customers may put forward, the designer to do patiently answer and modify. What's more, they have to master a lot of designing tools: AI and PS for Image Processing, Axure and Mockplus for prototyping, Chainco and Invision for dispalying.

The main aspects marketing: marketing pages, advertising and creative activities, etc.

The biggest difference between marketing designers and other people is that they not only design products, but also serve in marketing at the same time. Whenever engaged in activities, marketing designers are super busy. In many companies, they are responsible for marketing pages, creative activities and related advertisings. Marketing requires the other part of designers, that would be a part which is more creative, more about breakthrough. The internationalization of culture also brings about the internationalization of festivals. Marketing designers shall be able to differentiate their products from the crowd by combining a variety of holiday themes.

In general, marketing designer's work is relatively more difficult for the designer with high requirements. This survey shows that the number of designers engaged in the marketing is much less than other types of designers.

Compared with the marketing designer, the visual designer's work seems to be more targeted. Next, we will find out what visual designers usually do.


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