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How to Design Web Page?

How to make a web page may be a problem that a lot of novice designers will encounter. Web page is a portal for business, group and organization, wonderful web page allows users to remember the theme you want to show and the function you want to achieve. So for designers, learning how to design an ideal web page to help customers build the desired brand image is a university asked. In this article, we share some ideas and methods for web design.

Before you begin to design , you must understand what is web first:

Web is an architecture, through it you can access linked documents that span the Internet host. Web is a kind of service provided by the Internet; it is a collection of huge documents stored in Internet computers around the world; Webs are made up of documents that are associated with each other, which are calledhome page or page (It is a hypertext).

Second, you need to be familiar with the main functions required to design a web page:

1.HTML function:


What is User Experience? What Makes a Good UX Design?

With the development of the Internet, the term of User Experience has become a keyword of the Internet product development. The definition of the user experience is notso absolutely, and it is also not so sacred and inviolable for ordinary people. In recent years, all peoples are talking about user experience, it seems that everyone can be a UI/UX designer, as the popularity of design in the world. But what is it? What is called as a good User Experience Design?
What is the user experience?

User experience (UX) refers to a person's emotions and attitudes about using a particular product, system or service. It includes the practical, experiential, affective, meaningful and valuable aspects of human–computer interaction and product ownership. Additionally, it includes a person’s perceptions of system aspects such as utility, ease of use and efficiency.

The concept of design, like the Internet, is increasingly becoming a necessity in modern life. People are increasingly talking about …

How Can I Become A UX Designer?

A couple of weeks ago, a friend came to me and asked me to analyze if he can be a UX designer. His major was architectural design but he wanted to change his career because his boss didn’t value him. He told me that he did a lot of research about UX design, and claiming that the UX design is a very promising industry. Yeah, he was right. The UX design is definitely a rising star in the design industry. The UX designer is the most needed position in many companies. So a lot of young people choose to learn UX design and so as the people from different careers. Here are some experience of mine to share with you guys. May this be helpful and useful to those who want to be a UX designer.

Why do I choose UX design?

Of course, I love design. But the top reason is that UX designers earn a lot of money (Yeah, I know. I’m superficial). According to the research, the UX designer even earn more money than programmers, and the article (25 Highest Paying Jobs In Demand) of Glassdoor shows that the a…

How to Make A Good Prototype? (II)

In the other article, we have explained some theories and steps of how to make a good prototype. If you are interested, please kindly check out here.

In this article, I will list some common details of prototype design.

1. iOS prototype design

As the "best seller" in Mobile device Apple has taken a large part of this market. Because of this, iOS products are also coming like a storm.

As you can see in the picture, this is the recommend for iOS prototype design. Every part of this iPhone product strictly obeys with the proportion. The action bars' width is always the multiple of 44, the navigation bar is always the multiple of 49.

2. Web prototype design

There is a really important advice for web prototype design. For the height of the content on first screen, different user has different thoughts. When the content height is 580px, there will be 40% people could see the half below the content. When the content height is 720px, there will be 82% people could see the half be…

The Best Book List for UI/UX Designer, Product Manager, Graphic Designer & Logo designer

Design is never a easy thing, whether you are an UX/UI designer, product manager, graphic designer or logo designer should keep on learning. And there are many learning resources out there which are good, but the book is always a best way to absorb the knowledge. The more quality design books we can read, the better it is for us. As saying goes like ”an apple a day, keep doctor away”, I’m gonna say: a book a day, make your design “blow away”. Here comes a books list which is best for all kinds of designers to read. Hope it is helpful and useful to you. Any books you think it’s worth to be included, please feel free to give a message below in the comment area.

UI design books
1. The Best Interface Is No Interface
In this book, a sharp and incisive critique of screen-based design thinking, Golden Krishna points out that designing digital products has morphed into a discipline of maximizing time and attention on screens, which is often in complete opposition to helping people solve problems…

6 Traits Proves You’re A Good UX Designer

Last Friday I went to visit one of my friends, Sue, the HR in a famous software company. After a cup of coffee she talked with me on interesting things happened during the UX designers recruitment which just finished in her company. My friend, who has become acquainted with so many excellent UX designers in the past years, asked every candidate she interviewed “why do you think you’re qualified for a user experience designer?”, a question she considered very important. Most of the candidates answered that they had a good mastery of some wireframing tools like Axure and Mockplus, “a drop in the bucket”, Sue said.

Indeed, one needs to develop comprehensive abilities including interaction design, visual design,information architecture, human-computer interaction, etc. However, these skills are, in fact, not the most important criterion when selecting UX designers.

Sue told me she has learned a lot from those excellent user experience designers. Following are some traits of these designer…

How to Design A Good Prototype?

It is undoubtable that the speed of launch and updating a product is really fast, however, it is doubtable that many of the products are not well-designed. In fact, the design level of a product has already been decided when the prototype has been designed. Recently, I have talked to some designers, and learned a lot about how to prototype. And I have wrote them down, as some kind of suggestions that might be helpful to you.

1. Project type

It's an old saying in China: Nothing can be accomplished without norms or standards, this also works for prototyping. Choosing the type of your project should be the first thing you do for your design, and it's really important. No one can save you if you don't even have an idea about what you are doing right now. There are just a few kinds of types now: Mobile, Web, and Desktop. Some of the prototyping tools offer these types, like Mockplus and Justinmind. This is the first step of building a prototype. Basically, it means a lot for th…

Complete Beginner's Guide to Interaction Design

Interaction comes from Latin inter, meaning between, and ago meaning to do or to act––any “action between” is considered an interaction.

A simple and useful understanding of interaction design

“Interaction design can be understood in simple (but not simplified) terms: it is the design of the interaction between users and products. Most often when people talk about interaction design, the products tend to be software products like apps or websites. The goal of interaction design is to create products that enable the user to achieve their objective(s) in the best way possible.”

First of all, we should understand that the interaction is non-existent independently, it must be attached to a function or a scenario. Now, we can start from the following three questions to figure out " what kind of interaction is reasonable for designing function ".

What kind of scenarios need interaction?
No one can answer this question correctly, because the interaction exists in any scenarios. Whe…

On Benefits of Rapid Prototyping

Prototyping is a direct way to simulate user experience. A clickable prototype can not only be used to test product features, but also save participants’ time and lower resource consumption. One famous case study shows that prototype design can help to avoid around 25% bugs in product with its strict examination on product logic. Besides, prototype design also ensures the utility of visual design, making the latter complied with user experience fundamentally. All of these are undoubtedly benefits of prototyping.

Now we’re not satisfied with just prototyping but pursuing an easy and rapid prototyping way. This is, on the one hand, due to a higher requirement on efficiency, on the other hand, results from the fact that too much attention on details disturbs the logical fluency of designers,since logic goes first and details second in the stage of prototyping. Then what are exactly the benefits of rapid prototyping? Let’s see its definition first.

What Is Rapid Prototyping?

Prototyping: …