6 Amazing UI UX Design tutorials

An old Chinese proverb says sharping your axe will not delay your work of cutting wood. That is, enough preparation may quicken your speed of doing work. I am personally totally with it. In the field of UI UX design, the saying still works perfectly. Facing great challenges, fierce competition and picky users nowadays, UI UX designers need to sharpen your skills to achieve continuous improvement, thus ensuring a great and stable market of user experience. The following six UI UX design tutorials may help you understand UI UX better and can even incorporate new inspiration into your design, which i sincerely hope. However, if they are not helping, i thank you for your time and wish you take it as a plus.

1. Videos of using a prototyping tool will certainly surprises you - Mockplus

videos about using a prototyping tool, mockplus, known as faster, easier and smarter. It may not as powerful as the giant Axure. But it does hold uncomparable advantages. Especially for those newbies. Those videos of UI UX Design tutorials can make your start a bed with roses.

prototyping tool

2. A design course which is easy and beneficial - hackdesign

Simple, useful and also cost nothing, this UI UX Design tutorials provides a wide variety of material including excellent blog posts, serious documentaries, etc. Moreover, you can easily apply what you have learned to you current design project, result in more completed and balanced design product. The course is mostly focused on the field of UI/UX design tutorials, but it also provides general design principles and brings relevant business and marketing ideas.

hack design

3. A worth thinking question for all UI UX designer - What Is Design Thinking?

This video of UI UX Design tutorial will refresh your cognition of what design thinking is all about. UX UI is not just a formula essentially. The video provides you a better understanding of UI UX design. Just enjoying this insightful explanatory video. Also, principles of design-thinking is also accessible on this video.

design thinking

4. An UI UX Design tutorial simply specifies your design process -Foundations of UX: Prototyping by James Williamson

In James Williamson’s point of view, the design process consists of 5 steps :
1. brainstorming
2. project planning
3. prototyping
4. Testing
5. refining
Certainly, not all UI UX designers share the same design process. However, the common elements still counts with different conditions. This video of UI UX design tutorial also clearly explains the importance of each step in the whole process.

5. 40 excellent design examples of UI/UX design tutorials by Forty Agency

This tutorial is a big help of sparking your inspiration for your design project. It is common for every designers to experience a period of struggling with an new idea to do next design. In that case, those forty UI/UX Design tutorials might provide timely and insightful help. The video starts with the basics of UI/UX designs and goes on with some tips on how to do it properly.

6. UI UX Design tutorials help you get to user’s heart - Win User Loyalty by Targeting Logic and Emotions by Mike Donahue

This UI/UX Design tutorial provides ideas to win users’ loyalty by touching their emotions. It was actually a Conference talk, from Mike Donahue, on the UXPA2014 Conference held in London. Mike emphasizes the importance of making a lasting and deeply connection with users on a deep emotional level. He strongly believes that in order for you to come up with a great and effective user experience, you need to target emotions.
user loyalty

Thank you for reading, hoping those UI UX Design tutorials may be helpful to make you a better UI UX designer. You can improve your design skill with hard work, massive practice and diligence obviously, but if you spend a few time going through those UI UX Design tutorials, you may double you effectiveness.


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