How to Get Extra Point in Global Design?

With the development of globalization, information technology industry is rising, software design and development are now showing the trend of increasing too. There are not only some design companies like Tubik Studio, but also freelancers on Dribbble, Benhance, etc. The formation of the global village is becoming more completed in the age of information, and the globalization also affects this age. There are a lot of software designers are planning to work for the foreigners. Well, in the process of globalization, what can we do to gain extra points for our prototype design?

1. Displaying language

If an American customer does not explicitly state that the product is made for Chinese users, then you cannot cover your work with Chinese characters. Some of you may ask, isn't there a localization after the product launched? Believe me, all the localization works of the software are always from the customers' local language to other languages. You want your customers to spend money on translating your design into his local language? Wake up, my friend. If the customer did not tell you, but you were in a hurry, you need to start, you could try the easiest way: write in English. The design is in an international version, and you have to make modification and correction as soon as you have the confirmation from your customer.

2. Cultural differences

Globalization is not only the globalization of economy, but also the globalization of culture and design. However, this does not mean that the cultural differences and regionalism don't exist. In your communication with customers, please pay attention to you own tone and words you use, such as when you are in a communication with the people from the United Kingdom, try not to use the words of the United States English. Similarly, in your design, you have to focus on color, pictures, and other elements, and make the choices with extra caution. Not everybody likes red, thumbs up sometimes means something not that good.

3. Time difference

China in the East eight time zone, and this country only uses Beijing time, and the time is obviously different with many information technology developed countries. There are a variety of problems caused by the time difference which will affect cooperation. First, communication problems. Time difference often leads to the delay of information from both sides of the co-operation. When you send your design to the customer during your business hours, the customer maybe still count the stars in his time zone. And when the customers in his working hours send the feedback to you, it is estimated that you are now snoring the sound of the earthquake. Repeatedly so, time was so wasted. Since you choice is to make the globalization money, please prepare your prototypes at midnight in front of the computer and be ready.

4. Tools

As the communication is limited, so the test methods of prototype are be greatly limited too. In general, e-mail is the most choice we have in our communication with foreign customers, when it comes to emergency, international call will mostly save the problem. But the restrictions size of the attachment to the mail can be very angry. Sometimes, the attachments are too large or not even delivery at all. Now, a prototype tool which has relatively comprehensive testing methods is really important. Axure has the largest number of users, but foreign servers are not always friendly, sometimes it might has little temper; Justinmind has the same problem. If you are a foreign designer, when you need to test your prototype on the mobile devices, these two relatively well-developed tools still have many flaws. So, I want to recommend the tool I'm using, Mokcplus. This tool does not charge additional fees for storage of cloud projects as Balsamiq does, and its can be test on all kinds of device, the mobile client, the web, the desktop client, and other media. I believe it should be able to meet most of the users needs in the test. And it is said that Mockplus would launch Enterprise Edition in 2017, I believe it is worth waiting.

Globalization is an irresistible trend, it is undeniable that some foreign design technology and theory is indeed better than the domestic. But the our designers and prototyping tools still have a lot of opportunities, I believe that China's design and prototype tools will certainly make some thing big.

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